It is usually necessary and good to tell the story of how a good journey started and how it made it so far to where it is now. This is the page where the story (history) of your school can be told for the reading benefit of those who are curious to know more about your school.

Ritsam International Schools were established in 2011 by Sam Awa as Salvation Kiddies Academy. In 2016, the management of the school was was taken over by Ritsam Ventures and the school was reregistered as Ritsam International Schools.

Ritsam Kiddies Academy offers intensive care in Early Childhood Education—Daycare, Crèche, Kindergarten, Nursery and Primary in a conducive environment—home away from home.

We have professional Montessori instructors who have passion for children to aid your toddler to build a solid foundation! Even the dullest child can improve within a short period of learning.

Ritsam High School does not only raise the bar of academic excellence at the secondary level but also reform bad academic foundations of students who, for some reasons, did not have sound academic foundation in the primary school.